Some of the world’s best and brightest have great things to say about reading Jim Haudan’s book. So we’ll let them do the talking:

Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham

Best-Selling Author of

Go Put Your Strengths to Work

“Jim Haudan and his team have been putting their strengths to work for years. The Root approach helps organizations bring strategies to life by engaging the hearts and minds of their people.”


Gina Valenti

Senior Director –

Brand Program

Development & Integration

Hampton Brand Management

Hilton Hotels Corporation

“Jim Haudan and his team at Root have been instrumental partners in helping our brand grow through franchisee and team member engagement. They worked in partnership with our brand to design tools that stimulate conversation and that helped people come to their own conclusions about the direction of the brand. This led our franchisee and hotel teams to a feeling of ownership through authorship, versus mandated compliance. The use of Socratic dialogue to facilitate learning provides the roadmap that allows us to work together toward a common vision.”

Panda Express

Tom Davin


Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.

“Today at Panda Express, we’re using the insights in The Art of Engagement to redesign every element of our restaurant training. We’re eliminating the manuals and PowerPoint presentations. Everything is being built around visual images that stimulate dialogue and drive action.”


Rich Meelia

President and CEO


“The Strategic Engagement Process pioneered by Root has proved invaluable in ensuring that our executives, managers, and frontline employees all know and understand how their efforts directly connect with our strategic plan.”

Taco Bell

Connie Colao

Chief People Officer

Taco Bell

“This book represents a career full of learning that Jim and his colleagues have acquired through years of helping organizations link ‘boardroom’ strategy to front-line execution. Jim’s ‘storytelling’ provides a practical way to simplify complex concepts into workable solutions for your own organization.”


Lewis Campbell



“Dialogue is the oxygen of change. The principles in The Art of Engagement have been vital in assisting Textron to change our conversations – which ultimately changed our results.”

Harley Davidson

Rich Teerlink

Senior Director –

Former Chairman and CEO


“The ideas Haudan describes in this book helped us find new and compelling ways to engage every single employee at Harley-Davidson in our critical business issues. These insights were an important contributor to the Partnership Philosophy... a philosophy that was pivotal to our success.”

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